Podcasts - July 7, 2023

Ep. 73 – Collin Castellaw


In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino interviews Collin Castellaw, Co-Founder of PlayersTV. They discuss the shift in athletes’ perspective on content creation, the rise of PlayersTV, the potential for athlete-driven content, and the future of the sports media landscape.

Highlights include…

  • The genesis of PlayersTV and how it’s become a one-stop-shop for athlete-driven content. (02:07)
  • The power of athletes controlling their narratives and building their brand independently. (03:50)
  • The business model of PlayersTV includes revenue sources from advertising, subscription, licensing, and merchandising. (05:40)
  • Castellaw dives into PlayersTV’s plans to penetrate the NFL scene and further expand to other sports, domestically and internationally. (21:15)
  • Reviewing ESPN’s shift to streaming services and how this trend impacts PlayersTV. (26:33)

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