Podcasts - July 20, 2023

Ep. 74 – Anthony Tassone


In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Anthony Tassone, the founder of Truleo, discusses how his company uses AI to transcribe and analyze police body camera footage to improve policing standards. Anthony dives into the potential of their AI platform to provide valuable insights from unreviewed body camera data, reduce administrative burdens, and increase the professionalism and accountability of police officers. He also shares his thoughts on the sales cycle in the public safety space, the potential for expansion beyond policing, and Truleo’s current fundraising efforts.


Highlights include…

  • Truleo uses AI to transcribe and analyze police body camera footage, making it easier for police departments to review and learn from their interactions with civilians. (8:32)
  • The platform helps reduce the administrative burden on police officers and provides essential insights to improve their professionalism and reduce potential misconduct. (13:51)
  • The company sees potential for expansion beyond policing, such as in 911 call centers or any profession where measuring professionalism is essential. (23:20)
  • Truleo is raising capital through crowdfunding to fund the expansion of its success team and invest in its quality of service. (26:39)

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