Inside Startup Investing hosts Courtney Boyd Myers, the founder and CEO of AKUA, a company committed to transforming ocean farming into a mainstream source of food and offering consumers sustainable, plant-based options. Courtney shares the story of AKUA’s origins, the challenges they’ve faced, their business model, and future goals.

Highlights include…

  • The discussion about the benefits of kelp as a superfood, the process of turning it into a delicious product, and AKUA’s best-selling Kelp Burger. (02:30)
  • She delves into AKUA’s primary marketing channels and the effectiveness of Instagram for engagement and Facebook for customer acquisition. (04:12)
  • Courtney addresses the supply chain costs related to growing kelp and the current oversupply in the kelp farming industry. (19:47)
  • She highlights AKUA’s climate goals and the potential of being an acquisition target for big CPG brands looking to fulfill their climate commitments. (21:23)
  • Courtney shares her personal challenge of stepping into operations and finance roles, emphasizing the necessity of wearing many hats as a founder. (22:46)