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Stellaris Company Update

In this company update, we look at Stellaris announcing a new crowdfunding round on StartEngine at a $25M valuation, reflecting its progress in product development and market engagement despite a challenging financial year in 2023.

Funding Round Details

Stellaris logo
Company: Stellaris
Security Type: Equity - Common
Valuation: $25,016,388
Min Investment: $300
Platform: StartEngine
Deadline: Jun 18, 2024
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  • Stellaris has opened a new round on StartEngine at a valuation of $25M, up ~2% from its 2023 round of $24.5M. 
  • The Company ended 2023 with just $5,595 in cash and cash equivalents. With a net income of $-287,509 in 2023, Stellaris is presumably running low on funds and needs this crowdfunding round to sustain its runway. 
  • This negative net income is significantly more than during the last crowdfunding round when the company had a net income of ~$10,000 over the previous two years. 
  • The company included the following statement regarding traction since its last round:


“The funds raised with the first round of crowdfunding equity were used to develop and perfect prototype automated ClearPower manufacturing machines, further develop the ClearPower design, file another patent application, initiate the creation of state-of-the-art marketing and sales materials, revise the ‘’ website and logo design, messaging, and outreach communication to potential customers and businesses.

In 2023, the Company exhibited at New York Build and A’23, the natural annual convention of the American Association of Architects (AIA), both important conventions for architects, property owners, and developers. The Company is also engaged in ongoing discussions with potential high-profile property owners for the installation of ClearPower beta sites.

Since Stellaris’s first equity crowdfunding, the Federal government has passed the Inflation Reduction Act (P.L.117-169), which established substantial investment tax credits for which ClearPower can qualify. This act provides material financial incentives for the purchase and installation of ClearPower solar PV windows for qualified purchasers.

Read the full offering circular HERE.

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