In this Inside Startup Investing episode, host Chris Lustrino welcomes P.J. Tezza, founder of ModVans. Tezza shares insights into his transition from a software entrepreneur to revolutionizing the van manufacturing industry with ModVans. The conversation explores the unique challenges and triumphs of developing versatile, family-friendly campervans, offering a fresh perspective on innovation in the automotive sector.


Highlights include…


  • Unique design features of ModVans that cater to adventure seekers and families. (2:29)
  • Discussion on the target market and the diverse customer base for ModVans. (6:58)
  • Growth strategies, pricing models, and expanding production capacity. (9:06)
  • Innovative direct-to-consumer sales approach and online customer engagement. (12:43)
  • Vehicle purchasing preferences and showroom alternatives. (13:05)
  • Future plans for ModVans and enhancing investor relations. (18:04)
  • Fundraising for a hardware business with venture capital and crowdfunding. (20:38)