In the latest Inside Startup Investing podcast episode, Chris Lustrino interviews Chris Lindsay, CEO of Manta Biofuel. Chris Lindsay discusses Manta Biofuel’s journey from its early days as a biofuels company to its current focus on water remediation. With a blend of innovative technology and practical applications, Manta Biofuel is working towards addressing critical water pollution issues and exploring sustainable energy solutions.

Highlights include…
Origins of Manta Biofuel as a biofuels company (1:12).
Background of Manta Biofuel’s founder Ryan Powell and the company’s foundational technology (2:55).
Pivoting into water remediation. (3:42)
The potential of their magnetic separation technology to address water pollution (4:40).
Is there a world where biofuels become the fuel of the future? (8:41)
Who are the markets they are targeting? (14:49)