In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris engages with Tom Bassford, the founder and CEO of EquityVest. EquityVest, a burgeoning Reg CF platform, sets itself apart by focusing on faith-driven investments. The platform aims to connect faith-driven founders and investors to support innovations that advance the world positively. The episode delves into the nuances of faith-aligned investing, emphasizing that it’s not confined to regular churchgoers but rather to anyone inclined towards value-driven investments. The discussion also touches on EquityVest’s unique approach to addressing societal issues and supporting marginalized communities.

Highlights include…

Faith-based investing and creating a platform for startups. (1:39)
Faith-driven investing and social impact projects. (6:09)
Investment in and addressing marginalized communities. (10:55)
Democratizing capital for marginalized entrepreneurs. (15:33)
Equity crowdfunding platform for retail investors. (19:48)