In this episode of the Inside Startup Investing podcast, Chris Lustrino is joined by Andrei Klochko, CEO of Airthium. They dive deep into clean heat pump technology, discussing Airthium’s groundbreaking contributions to the clean tech sector. With a strong emphasis on climate technology, Andrei, a trained physicist, provides insights into the complex yet fascinating world of Airthium’s tech innovations and their vast market opportunities.

Highlights include…
Andrei Klochko’s background as a physicist and his academic journey at Ecole Polytechnique (0:50).
A deeper dive into Airthium’s technology and its significance in the clean tech world (based on the flow, approx. 2:00).
Using heat pumps for industrial processes. (9:56)
Using heat pumps in factories for energy efficiency and cost savings. (14:44)
Funding, technology, and the vision going forward. (18:38)
Sustainable energy solutions and investment opportunities. (27:18)