In this episode, we get into housing with ZenniHome’s founder and CEO, Bob Worsley. A retired Republican State Senator and serial entrepreneur, Bob’s career journey is as intriguing as it is inspiring. From establishing SkyMall to venturing into real estate and energy, Bob’s latest endeavor, ZenniHome, stands at the forefront of the crop of startups providing housing solutions. These modern, steel-framed micro homes are not just a leap in sustainable living but are also impacting the housing landscape with their unique design, adaptability, and smart technology.

Highlights include…

Entrepreneurship, politics, and business success. (1:55)
Innovative home building using advanced manufacturing techniques. (7:01)
Affordable housing solutions using modular construction. (10:34)
Scaling tiny home production for B2C market. (15:18)
Affordable housing solutions with a focus on innovation and scalability. (19:50)