Chris Lustrino is joined by Alli Schaper, the co-founder, and CEO of Supermush. They discuss Alli’s personal journey and her deep connection with functional and psychedelic mushrooms. Alli shares how these experiences inspired her to start Supermush; a company focused on making mushroom-based products more accessible to the public. Despite being in an emerging and competitive market, Supermush has rapidly gained significant traction. Alli provides insights into the company’s strategy, operations, challenges, and plans.


Highlights include…

  • Alli shares her personal experiences with mushrooms and how they changed her life (0:50).
  • The genesis of Supermush and the company’s mission (10:30).
  • The traction Supermush has gained in a short amount of time (18:20).
  • Alli dives into the operational challenges and strategies for a mushroom-based company (27:45).
  • The competitive landscape and Supermush’s differentiation (35:00).
  • Discussion on the future plans and vision for Supermush (43:10).