On the Inside Startup Investing podcast, Chris Lustrino speaks with Katrina Spade, Founder and CEO of Recompose. Katrina offers a fresh perspective on the funeral industry by introducing a sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to traditional death care: human composting. With a unique blend of personal curiosity and environmental responsibility, Katrina discusses the journey of founding Recompose and its mission to transform the way we perceive and handle death, turning it into a regenerative process for the Earth.


Highlights include…

  • Katrina’s personal journey: Her curiosity about post-death options during her architecture graduate studies and her dissatisfaction with traditional methods (1:18).
  • Founding story (4:11)
  • The business model (18:20).
  • Walk through of the fragmented funeral industry (14:37).
  • The burial processes and the value of offering a third, eco-friendly option (21:13).
  • The comforting idea of folding the human body back into the ecosystem (23:23).
  • The personal side of being in the funeral industry (26:13