In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino talks with Oakland Roots co-founder and CMO, Edreece Arghandiwal. They dig into the world of soccer, discussing the emergence of Oakland Roots, its strategies in player development, revenue generation, and the influence of community and celebrities on the club’s trajectory.


Highlights include…


  • Importance of player development in the US (14:27)
  • The potential of the USL championship as a platform for young talent to shine and transition to European teams. (14:50)
  • The primary revenue streams for Oakland Roots (16:31)
  • Plans for the club’s new 10,000-seat stadium. (18:20)
  • The conception and evolution of the Oakland Soul women’s team, aiming to reach the USL by 2025. (20:33)
  • The array of celebrity investors and influencers involved with Oakland Roots, including Marshawn Lynch and Jeezy, emphasizes the Oakland connection. (23:03)
  • The success of the community investment round, emphasizing inclusivity and enabling everyone to own a piece of the club. (25:05)