In the latest episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino welcomes Mike Gugat, the co-founder and CEO of jbrds. This engaging episode reveals jbrds’ strides in the children’s footwear market. With Mike’s extensive background in the sporting goods industry, he shares the compelling story behind Jaybirds’ inception and its mission to create anatomically correct, functional footwear for kids. Mike gets into the nuances of designing shoes that support the natural development of a child’s foot, mirroring the barefoot experience. The discussion also touches on product development challenges, customer insights, and strategic marketing, showcasing jbrds’ dedication to promoting healthy foot development in children and their careful approach to scaling in a competitive market.

Highlights include…

Startup investing and children’s shoes with Jaybirds CEO Mike Gat. (0:04)
Creating a better shoe for kids’ development. (1:52)
Developing a new shoe brand for children with a focus on comfort and performance. (6:52)
Shoe company’s growth strategy and product development for children. (11:56)
Marketing strategies for a footwear brand targeting parents. (16:23)
Baby shoe startup’s growth potential and unit economics. (21:22)