Industry Analysis - September 5, 2023

August Online Investing Snapshot: Rise in Opportunities and Notable Wins on StartEngine

  • August has been a great month for investors with 116 news deals available online – 28 more than in July, giving them more investment opportunities.
  • Investors invested $32.4 million across all online deals, only one more million than in July, which shows stability in investors’ behavior during the summer.
  • StartEngine is the platform where investors backed startups the most in August. The platform hosted SmartCups’s raise, which collected $1 million in 24 hours when SmartCups was announced the winner of Fox’s Food Stars contest by Gordon Ramsey.
  • Investors backed equity Reg CF deals 10x more than debt deals. Despite having great offerings in both categories, investors tend to back more the scalable businesses raising equity than the small businesses raising debt and revenue share notes.

About: Léa Bouhelier-Gautreau

Léa is passionate about impact investing and sustainability. Prior to KingsCrowd, she worked for Stanford’s accelerator, StartX, helping to select the most promising entrepreneurs. She also led the first award-winning study on the Malawian startup ecosystem. In her free-time, she volunteers to help entrepreneurs in Cameroon, Brazil and Colombia. Léa holds a degree in Anthropology from France and is currently enrolled in the UC Davis MBA program.

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