From starting a data and analytics platform for billionaire investors to working at Coinbase and Plaid, Harvey Multani is no stranger to fintech. From his experiences as both a founder and an investor, he recognized that there’s power in a group of investors coming together to choose deals and make investments.

Harvey also noticed a trend in startup investing – founders were using special purpose vehicles to enable their employees or groups of angel investors to fund their companies. And he realized that there was an opportunity.

Harvey founded RUV Alliance to bring together accredited investors and startup founders in a transparent and community-oriented way. RUV Alliance investors identify companies that they want the opportunity to invest in. Harvey and his team work to connect with the founders of those companies and from there, the rest is history. 

On this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino talks to Harvey about how RUV Alliance was formed from a Twitter discussion. The two dive into the details of special purpose vehicles in investing, the importance of transparency, and how interested investors can join RUV.