Alternative investing isn’t limited to just startups. Alt assets include all kinds of investment opportunities — from real estate and wine to art and sports memorabilia. But the one thing these assets have in common with startups is that new ways of investing have made them far more accessible to all investors.

In the collectibles market, fractional investing has made it possible to invest in a baseball card that’s worth millions. Collectable founder Ezra Levine compares it to public stock market investing. When you invest in a publicly traded company like Google or Apple, you don’t suddenly own the whole company. But you still benefit from its success. Fractional investing in sports memorabilia is very similar — you can own a small portion of a sports card, jersey, or ball and potentially see returns as its value grows.

On today’s episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris Lustrino welcomes Ezra, and the two dive into the fun world of sports collecting. Ezra discusses the origins of Collectable — the sports-focused fractional investing platform he founded — and some of the high dollar assets that have traded on the platform. Chris and Ezra also touch on liquidity in collectible investing, how the assets are protected, and whether sports investing is a long term or short term investment.