In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, we dive deep into the world of skiing innovation with the co-founders of Peak Ski Company, currently raising on Republic. Chris hosts Bode Miller, a legend in the skiing world with a storied Olympic medal-winning career, and Andy Wirth, a distinguished figure in the ski industry renowned for his significant contributions, including the creation of the popular Ikon Pass. Together, they discuss their new venture, Peak Ski, where they’re not only challenging traditional ski manufacturing norms but also introducing cutting-edge technology and design to revolutionize the skiing experience.

Highlights include…

  • Starting a ski brand with Olympian Bode Miller. (2:19)
  • Reinventing ski manufacturing process. (8:12)
  • Innovative ski manufacturing and creating a new ski design. (12:43)
  • Marketing and European expansion. (17:04)
  • Expanding skiing accessibility through new technologies and partnerships. (24:12)
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation, and overcoming obstacles in the ski industry. (29:36)