In this episode of Inside Startup Investing, Chris catches up with Crowdcube Co-CEO Matt Cooper. Celebrating over a decade of innovation, Crowdcube is a pioneer in online capital raising, transforming the startup investment landscape in the UK and globally. With over $2 billion raised for startups and more than $100 million returned to investors, their impact is undeniable. Chris and Matt dig into the challenges and triumphs of building the platform in the UK, the evolution of investor engagement, and the future of digital private markets.

Highlights include…

  • Challenges and successes of pioneering equity crowdfunding platform. (2:12)
  • Sustainable growth and investor acquisition strategies in the fintech industry. (6:07)
  • Industry sentiment, secondary markets, and founder-led liquidity opportunities. (9:34)
  • Building trust in private company fundraising and sourcing strategies in the EU. (15:55)
  • European investment platform Crowdcube’s successes and complexities. (20:44)