Here are the newest startup raises that have been added to the KingsCrowd database. We’ve sorted them according to industry. For more information on a specific deal, just click the link provided.

Please note, these are not recommendations but are meant only to inform our readers of new investment opportunities.

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Business Services, Software, & Applications


HyperKelp has developed solar-powered ocean sensors to detect hypersonic missiles, weather anomalies, and tsunamis. The buoys can be leased or purchased, or the data can be purchased by itself.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Spaced Ventures
  • Founder:  Dr. Graeme Rae
  • Minimum Investment: $250


KeeperAI has created software that helps job seekers highlight their soft skills so that hiring managers can see a comprehensive personality and skill set for prospective employees. The startup has been selected to join Microsoft’s Modern Workplace program.

  • Valuation: $14 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Vishal Ahluwalia
  • Minimum Investment: $249.90


Careerlink has developed a recruitment and retention system that helps human resources professionals hire talent, optimize teams, and improve morale. The company’s current client list includes Google, Aflac, and Hyatt Hotels.

Consumer Products, Goods & Services

Applied Bioplastics

Applied Bioplastics is lowering the carbon footprint of traditional plastic by combining it with plant-based cellulose fibers. The company is currently in conversation with more than 30 household durable plastic brands to begin converting products.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: Raise Green
  • Founders: Alex Blum and Colin Ardern
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000

Education, Training, & Coaching

Cognate Language Learning

Cognate Language Learning has developed a platform that helps users new languages by giving them personalized lessons based on their interests and needs. The company is initially targeting international students in Germany and has multiple letters of intent from universities with international students.

  • Valuation: $4.5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Alejandro Paschalides, Shirley Lu, and Tamim Zaki
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Skillest has developed a golf coaching app that helps users with their game by using real-time messaging and live video coaching. The company hopes to expand to other sports like baseball, football, and tennis.

  • Valuation: $15 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Brian Park, Baden Schaff, and Alan Gao
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Energy, Power, & Natural Resources


Envirosult is aiming to improve drinking water and soil in small U.S. towns by helping them to apply for grants and execute improvement projects. The company believes there are more than 60,000 small communities that could benefit from its program.

  • Valuation: $12.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $10,000

REVO Powertrains

REVO Powertrains has developed kits to transition existing medium and heavy-duty diesel vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles. The company currently has 10 patents and two more pending.

  • Valuation: $65 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $299.63

Financial & Insurance Products & Services


DonorSee is an online charity platform that helps users support grassroots organizations and receive confirmation of how their donation was used. The platform has 10,000 active users with a 98% retention rate.

  • Valuation: $6 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Gret Glyer
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Food, Beverage, & Restaurants

Carmelitas Tequileria

Carmelitas Tequileria is a Laguna Beach-based restaurant focused on food from Puebla, Guadalajara, and Mexico. The restaurant hopes to expand its current location with a permanent patio and open a third location in Irvine, California.

  • Interest rate: 8.5%
  • Platform: SMBX
  • Founders: Alberto Heredia and Carmen Heredia
  • Minimum Investment: $10

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough

Alex’s Awesome Sourdough makes sourdough-based, gluten-free frozen pizzas and pizza crusts with health and digestibility in mind. The products are available at retailers like Kroger, Whole Foods, and Hy-Vee.

  • Valuation: $6 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founder: Alex Corsini
  • Minimum Investment: $150

Rize Up

Rize Up is a San Francisco-based bakery specializing in sourdough bread that hopes to inspire its patrons to stand up for social justice. The company plans to expand its equipment, vehicles, and brick-and-mortar location.

  • Interest rate: 9.5%
  • Platform: SMBX
  • Founders: Azikiwee Anderson
  • Minimum Investment: $10


Otherworld makes plant-based baking mixes using fruits and vegetables. Its products are currently available nationwide at Fresh Thyme Market as well as online with Amazon and Imperfect Foods.

  • Valuation: $8 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Jen Ballen and Joe Magliano
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Stone’s Throw Foods

Stone’s Throw Foods is a prepared foods company that makes frozen hash skillet meals and gluten-free waffles. The company hopes to increase its current production and expand its facility.

  • Interest rate: 12.5%
  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founders: Ben James
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Shackelford Pharma

Shackelford Pharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on treating neurological diseases. The company’s lead drug candidate, a seizure disorder drug called SP1707, is currently awaiting foundational patents.

  • Platform: Dealmaker Securities
  • Founders: Dr. Alan Shackelford
  • Minimum Investment: $1,500

Media, Entertainment & Publishing

FTN Network

FTN Network is creating a consolidated ecosystem for fantasy sport, sports betting, and sports data. The company began with NFL coverage and plans to expand to other sports in the future.

  • Valuation: $14.5 million
  • Platform: SeedInvest
  • Founders: Kevin Adams
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000


Zencastr has launched a podcasting app that helps users record, edit, host, monetize, and grow their shows all in one place. The company reported that the app has 5.5 million downloads and is the 16th most popular hosting service in the world.

  • Valuation: $28 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Josh Nielsen and Adrian Lopez
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Project Transcend

Project Transcend is a social media app designed to capture users’ authentic life stories without monetization by the creators. The company aims to integrate virtual and augmented reality for an immersive experience.

  • Valuation: $14.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Matthew Phillips
  • Minimum Investment: $149.16


Overplay has developed a gaming entertainment app that gives users the power to make interactive video content. The company reported 1 million games played and 150,000 alpha downloads.

  • Valuation: $15 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Daniel Projansky and Caroline Strzalka
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Real Estate & Construction

Von Perry

Von Perry is a construction company that is focused on increasing speed and lowering costs with 3D printing. The company reported more than 80 construction requests and plans for its first home to be owner-occupied by 2023.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Treyvon Perry
  • Minimum Investment: $100.98

Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace


MySkyEco is developing a hydrogen-powered zero-emission aircraft. Its first prototype, a single-passenger plane, has successfully made more than 1,000 flights.

  • Valuation: $37 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Dieter Canje and Grant Desmarais
  • Minimum Investment: $249.60


XCraft has developed a line of drones for military, public service, and personal use. The company has recently partnered with T-Mobile to bring 5G capabilities to its products.

  • Valuation: $54 million
  • Platform: PicMii
  • Founders: JD Claridge and Charles Manning
  • Minimum Investment: $500

Relay Point

Relay Point is a gig transportation company aiming to increase efficiency and transparency by utilizing the blockchain. The company’s goal is to tokenize contracts to increase driver, safety, and pay transparency as well as provide marketing integration and compliance assistance.

  • Valuation: $22 million
  • Platform: Dalmore Group
  • Founder: Stanley Chomer
  • Minimum Investment: $1,500


AvaWatz is a robotics company that manufactures collaborative robots for use in aviation and surveillance. The company currently has prototypes being utilized by the U.S. Air Force and Army.

  • Valuation: $79 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Bala Jana and Rajini Anachi
  • Minimum Investment: $400