Industry Analysis - March 31, 2021

Top Industries in KingsCrowd Portfolios – Chart of the Week


The sheer amount of companies on all the different crowdfunding platforms can lead to confusion and frustration for investors who invest broadly in the space. KingsCrowd introduced its Portfolio tool to help investors track their various investments across the space. It’s been almost a year since our Portfolio feature went live, so we thought our next Chart of the Week would focus on Portfolios and which industries KingsCrowd users invest in the most.

Percentage of Tracked Investments in KingsCrowd Portfolio by Industry

I’ll preface this Chart of the Week by saying we only looked at the ten most invested-in industries — just to keep things simple. That said, it seems like the data is showing that our Portfolio users are tracking investments across a myriad of industries. The top favorite was the Financial & Insurance Products & Services industry. Across all KingsCrowd Portfolios, 12.5% of investments fell into that basket. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals was close behind at 12.27%, with Business Services, Software, & Applications rounding out the top three. However, it’s important to note that the top two industries here don’t even account for 25% of total tracked investments across KingsCrowd portfolios. This data indicates that our user base is building out well-diversified portfolios, with investments spread across many different industries.

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