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Aryelle Young

Aryelle Young is a published writer and editor with experience across industries. She has worked with an independent publishing company and as a proposal writer for a government contractor. Her original work has also been published in various journals and one short story collection. At KingsCrowd, she strives to provide insightful and actionable content for all readers. Aryelle graduated with a Creative Writing degree from George Mason University.

Podcasts - August 25, 2022

Ep. 49 – OneDoor Studios

Ep. 48 – Class Rebel Founder Brooke Harley

Chris Lustrino talks to Class Rebel founder Brooke Harley about how dramatic and rewarding startup investing can be.

Ep. 47 – Doriot Founder Gerry Hays

Chris Lustrino talks to Doriot founder Gerry Hays about teaching people to invest in startups and a new way to become accredited.

Ep. 46 – ALAO Co-founders Peter Sweeney & Matt McGeagh

Chris Lustrino welcomes Peter Sweeney and Matt McGeagh to talk about founding a new equity crowdfunding platform, ALAO.

Ep. 45 – Harvey Multani of RUV Alliance

Chris Lustrino talks with RUV Alliance founder Harvey Multani about how RUV brings together accredited investors and startup founders.

Ep. 44 – Impact Investing with Lea Bouhelier-Gautreau

Chris Lustrino welcomes KingsCrowd's own Senior Investment Analyst Lea Bouhelier-Gautreau to discuss impact investing.

Ep. 43 – Jane West of Jane West

Chris Lustrino welcomes Jane West to discuss the evolving cannabis market and how her company is addressing the needs of modern consumers.

Ep. 42 – Leon Benrimon of StartEngine Collectibles

Chris Lustrino welcomes StartEngine Vice President of Assets Leon Benrimon to talk about collectible investing and how StartEngine fits in.

Ep. 41 – Aaron Burnett of Spaced Ventures

Chris Lustrino welcomes Spaced Ventures founder and CEO Aaron Burnett to talk about how investors can support the future of space.