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Throne Founder Fletcher Wilson on Transforming Public Bathrooms

KingsCrowd spoke with Throne founder Fletcher Wilson to learn about how his company is transforming the public bathroom experience.

Private Market Revenue Multiples vs. Public Market Revenue Multiples

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Best Impact Investing Deals of April 2023

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Clean Earth Rovers Founder Michael Arens on Automating Water Management

KingsCrowd interviewed Clean Earth Rovers founder Michael Arens to learn about the company’s data-based approach to water management.

Should You Invest in Vertical Farming Startups?

Vertical farming startups can help fight climate change on a small scale. But does that make them a good investment opportunity?

Online Startup Investing in April 2023

In this Chart of the Week, we explore the crowdfunding market's performance in April 2023, including investing volume, platforms, and more.

The Highest and Lowest Revenue Multiples by Industry

In this Chart of the Week, we analyze the industries with the highest and lowest median revenue multiples between January 2021 and April 2023.