Market News - February 6, 2023

New Deals for the Week Ending 02/03/23

Here are the newest startup raises that have been added to the KingsCrowd database. We’ve sorted them according to industry. For more information on a specific deal, just click the link provided.

Please note, these are not recommendations but are meant only to inform our readers of new investment opportunities.

Be sure and check back with KingsCrowd in the future. We will continue providing updates on each raise as it progresses, particularly if we feel they meet our criteria of being worthwhile as potential investments.

Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

Ranch Rider Spirits

Ranch Rider Spirits is a canned cocktail brand that sells all-natural cocktails without additives, sweeteners, preservatives, or malt liquor. Since January 2020, Ranch Rider Spirits has earned $14 million in revenue.

  • Valuation: $36 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Brian Murphy and Quentin Cantu
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Beauty & Personal Care

Jack Henry

Jack Henry is a plant-based, cruelty-free, organic, and sustainable brand of men’s skin and hair care. The company also launched Jack Henry Studios, a brick-and-mortar wellness club that offers skin and hair services. Jack Henry has received more than 98,000 orders.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Kyle Bardouche
  • Minimum Investment: $500

Business Services, Software, & Applications

Carosh Compliance Solutions

Carosh Compliance Solutions offers products and services to help businesses in the medical industry stay HIPAA compliant, including HIPAA Express (a workshop) and HIPAA Suite (a compliance management platform). Carosh Compliance Solutions has a 92% client retention rate.

  • Valuation: $2 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Roger Shindell
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Transcend Network

Transcend Network supports educational technology founders through the early stages of their startups. Transcend Network helps founders validate their ideas and find product-market fit, invests in the first funding round, and more. During the past three years, the company has supported more than 200 founders from 50 countries.

  • Valuation: $6 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Alberto Arenaza and Michael Narea
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Consumer Products, Goods & Services


SpongeBath has developed a sponge holder that can sanitize used sponges with a mixture of water and a drop of the company’s eco-friendly cleaning solution. SpongeBath aims to address one of the largest hotbeds of bacteria in kitchens.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founder: Matthew Flannery and Tod Maitland
  • Minimum Investment: $150


Vikktoria is an artificially intelligent platform that helps users quickly search for and connect with lawyers. Vikktoria aims to have 100,000 lawyer profiles from a variety of metro areas within the year.

  • Valuation: $7 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Walid Romaya and Tabrez Ebrahim
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Farming & Agriculture

Indian River Pioneer Farms

Indian River Pioneer Farms is an indoor and outdoor farm in Vero Beach, Florida that offers education and training in agriculture, environmental stewardship, mindfulness, and more. Indian River Pioneer Farms aims to set an example for the community.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Kelly Jackson
  • Interest rate: 13.25%
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Financial & Insurance Products & Services

Easy Expense

Easy Expense is an automated, artificially intelligent mobile app that helps small businesses keep track of expenses. Easy Expense has had more than 250,000 downloads.

  • Valuation: $6 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founder: Elijah Bucher
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Super Processor

Super Processor, doing business as SuperNet, is developing a payment processor that will support a variety of industries, starting with the licensed cannabis industry. In 2023, it plans to issue its first private-label credit card, which will let users purchase licensed cannabis and general merchandise wherever the card is accepted.

  • Valuation: $70 million
  • Platform: Mundial Financial Group
  • Founders: Michael Tsang and dress wedding
  • Minimum Investment: $510


Bluesphere has developed a global trading platform for carbon credits called the BlueSphere Carbon Exchange, which connects businesses, investors, and credit suppliers. The company plants one mangrove tree in Africa for every dollar invested.

  • Platform: Dalmore Group
  • Founders: Eddie Soleymani and Shidan Gouran
  • Minimum Investment: $500

Decentralized Crypto Financial

Decentralized Crypto Financial is a platform that aims to help small and medium-sized businesses understand and comply with the public and private funding processes. It identifies offerings that are available to these businesses and helps automate the forms they need to fill out, including SEC filings and disclosures.

Fitness & Wellness


Impakt is a virtual sports platform where users can meet friends and engage in games, exercise routines, and real-time competitions. Impakt has attracted 10,000 members since its first launch.

  • Valuation: $30 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Winston Zin and Hakim Bawa
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Food, Beverage, & Restaurants

Mama Bevs Bakery

Mama Bevs Bakery is a bakery in Hales Corners, Wisconsin that specializes in butter cake, offering different flavors such as classic, raspberry, and chocolate chip cookie. Mama Bevs Bakery currently sells its products online and through some Jewel Osco and Sendik’s Food Market stores.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.5x
  • Platform: Mainvest
  • Founders: Gary Plassmeyer and Andrew Baer
  • Minimum Investment: $100


MeatSoHorny is a brand of barbecue and cooking rubs, sauces, spices, and salts. The company’s sales have grown 1,773% year over year.

  • Valuation: $15 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Robert Gilbert and Gary Marandola
  • Minimum Investment: $100.58

Pour Taproom Knoxville

Pour Taproom Knoxville offers more than 60 different ciders, beers, meads, hard kombuchas, and more from local, national, and international sources. Its technology allows customers to pay for what they pour instead of committing to a whole pint. Pour Taproom Knoxville aims to provide a beer festival atmosphere on any given day.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founders: Mariah McLead and Joel McLead
  • Interest rate: 11%
  • Minimum Investment: $100

The Empowered Cookie

The Empowered Cookie is a line of vegan, soft-baked, packaged cookies that come in flavors like double chocolate chunk, lemon lavender poppy seed, and ginger molasses. The Empowered Cookie’s products are sold in more than 130 locations across 50 U.S. states.

  • Valuation: $3.5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Natalia Barr
  • Minimum Investment: $100

The Pickled Chef

The Pickled Chef sells a variety of all-natural, hand-packed pickled foods, including curried pickled cauliflower and kimchi. The Pickled Chef also sells jams and jellies, condiments, sauces, and more. In 2022, the company produced more than 25,000 jars of product.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founders: Greg Andrews, Ashlee Andrews, and Debra Driggers
  • Interest rate: 11%
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Harvie is an online grocery store and delivery service that operates in western Pennsylvania. Members get customized weekly deliveries of locally produced foods. As of November 2022, Harvie has more than 3,000 members and supports more than 100 local businesses.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founders: Simon Huntley
  • Interest rate: 11.25%
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Twisted Eggroll

Twisted Eggroll sells frozen, packaged eggrolls with a creative spin, featuring flavors like buffalo chicken and apple cheesecake. It also offers a catering service in Chicago, Illinois that includes additional flavor options. In 2023, Twisted Eggroll received a grant from the city of Chicago to establish its own commercial kitchen.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Nikkita Randle
  • Interest rate: 12.75%
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Wicked BOLD

Wicked BOLD is a brand of vegan, organic chocolate that comes in four flavors: classic, sea salt, cayenne, and hazelnut. In April 2023, Wicked BOLD will start selling in 800 Walmart stores.

  • Platform: Mainvest
  • Founder: Deric Cahill and Brooklynn Cahill
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Kopitiam is a fast casual restaurant that serves Nyonya cuisine and uses no additives or artificial coloring. Kopitiam plans to expand its sauce line.

  • Platform: Honeycomb
  • Founder: Kyo Pang
  • Interest rate: 10.75%
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


Thrivelab offers hormone balancing programs. It pairs customers with a telehealth consultant who comes up with an ongoing, personalized plan that includes a prescription, check-ins, and blood tests. Thrivelab is available in the U.S. nationwide and plans to expand to three more countries in 2023.

  • Valuation: $17.3 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Joshua Host, Nayan Patel, Ryan Jones, and Rahula Kocher
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Recovering Bro

Recovering Bro sells supplements that include herbs from ancient Chinese medicine and modern functional ingredients. It also offers health and fitness information. Recovering Bros aims to be a nutritional supplement company that customers can trust.

  • Valuation: $7.9 million
  • Platform: Netcapital
  • Founders: Dusten Nelson, David Summers, and Jonathan Thompson
  • Minimum Investment: $99


FibroBiologics is developing and plans to commercialize fibroblast cell-based therapies to treat a variety of chronic diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and degenerative disc disease. The company has received clearance for phase 1 and 2 studies in degenerative disc disease.

  • Valuation: $252.6 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: Peter O’Heeron
  • Minimum Investment: $498.55

Industrial Services


GEMXX Corp. is a gemstone and jewelry producer with a focus on ammolite, a rare gemstone found only in the Rocky Mountains. Between March 2021 and March 2022, the company’s revenue increased 170%.

Media, Entertainment & Publishing

Isle Child – The Movie

Isle Child will be a film about an adopted Korean-American boy who learns his birth mother is terminally ill. He must then confront his own otherness in a white, suburban community. Written and directed by Thomas Kim, the film is based on an award-winning short film that was purchased by HBO.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.25x
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Minimum Investment: $100

Innovative Recordings

Innovative Recordings is a production company that also sells foods and drinks as Potomac Foods & Beverages. Its offerings include a brand of sangria called Shorty’s Sangria, which comes in three flavors: strawberry with cognac, green apple with cognac, and passion fruit with cognac.

  • Platform: SMBX
  • Founder: Charles Garris
  • Interest rate: 10%
  • Minimum Investment: $10

Real Estate & Construction


Geoship has developed a system for building sustainable, domed homes made out of ceramic. The domes can be constructed like puzzle pieces into a variety of configurations. Geoship has a $40 million pipeline with sales deposits.

  • Valuation: $45 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Morgan Bierschenk and Bas Kools
  • Minimum Investment: $432

Assetcoin Capital Fund

Assetcoin Capital Fund is a venture capital fund focusing on mortgage lending, real estate, construction, and early stage companies. It aims to invest in urban American communities.

  • Valuation: $50 million
  • Platform: Andes Capital
  • Founders: Burena Morris, Duane Quamina, and Allen Redic
  • Minimum Investment: $10

Transportation, Automotive, Aviation, & Aerospace


Xairos is developing a time synchronization technology that is more accurate and secure than the Global Positioning System (GPS). Its goal is to launch and operate America’s first quantum satellite.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founder: David Mitlyng
  • Minimum Investment: $250

AEV Charging

AEV Charging develops electric vehicle charging stations that speed up charging with artificial intelligence. The company had four provisional patents approved and won a grant from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $250


CLIP has developed a device that instantly turns any bicycle into an electric bicycle, no tools required. It simply needs to be attached, and it’s just as easy to remove. CLIP presold 1,000 units organically and delivered its first batch of 102 devices across 30 U.S. states.

  • Valuation: $12 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Somnath Ray and Clement Alcala
  • Minimum Investment: $250

Travel and Hospitality


VanLab makes sustainably sourced, ready-to-assemble camper conversion kits that make campers more versatile spaces. VanLab has had more than 8 million video views across social media.

  • Valuation: $10.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $250.12

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