Here are the newest startup raises that have been added to the KingsCrowd database. We’ve sorted them according to industry. For more information on a specific deal, just click the link provided.

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Alcohol, Tobacco, & Recreational Drugs

Fierce & Kind

Fierce & Kind is an online spirits company committed to sparking conversations about social justice and uplifting communities. The company uses 25% of its profits to fund its sister non-profit, The Fierce & Kind Equity Foundation, which works with organizations to enact political, social, and economic justice.

  • Valuation: $13.5 million
  • Platform: Netcapital
  • Founders: Basem Harb and Cyndi Smith
  • Minimum Investment: $99.90



HerbloCo. is an Oklahoma-based cannabis dispensary that is seeking to launch its brick-and-mortar store. The company wants to improve customer experience by providing education on different types of cannabis and their optimal medical uses.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.8x
  • Platform: MainVest
  • Founders: Taronda Ransom and Marne Madison
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Mulholland Distilling

Mulholland Distilling is a San Francisco-based spirits company that makes gin, whiskey, and vodka. The spirits can be purchased and shipped to 27 states and found at chains like Whole Foods and Albertsons.

  • Valuation: $13 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Matthew Alper and Walton Goggins
  • Minimum Investment: $238.68


Apparel & Fashion

Kitsbow Apparel

Kitsbow is a US-based outdoor apparel company that is focused on rebuilding US textile manufacturing sustainably. The company generated $3 million in sales in 2021.

  • Investment Multiple: 1.75x
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Business Services, Software, & Applications


Dex has developed a unifying networking platform that connects with other social media to bring users’ contacts to one place. The company reports more than 20,000 users and 7.5 million contacts on the platform.

  • Valuation: $16 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Kevin Sun
  • Minimum Investment: $100



REUZEit is aiming to reduce waste with its asset lifecycle platform that manages the refurbishment and resale of specialized medical machinery. The company has managed more than $70 million in equipment from 2017 to 2022.

  • Valuation: $40 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Justin Andrews and Ryan Andrews
  • Minimum Investment: $249.60



Bizztech has developed a virtual reality platform that allows users to participate in meetings and events in a digital space. The platform is fully web-based so it doesn’t require a download or high-speed internet.

  • Valuation: $6 million
  • Platform: Microventures
  • Founders: Dirk Schmidt and Rosi Vieira
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Consumer Products, Goods & Services


Markid is an online marketplace where parents can buy and sell new and gently used kids’ items. The company reported an increase in app downloads of 220% (more than 52,000) year over year in October 2022.

  • Valuation: $12 million
  • Platform: SeedInvest
  • Founders: Ankur Dhawan, Stephanie Cartin, and Devyani Mehta
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000



MAGFAST has created a line of direct-to-consumer device chargers that can be used in the home, car, or office. The company reports more than $30 million in preorder sales.

  • Valuation: $37.2 million
  • Platform: Netcapital
  • Founders: Seymour Segnit and Amy Rau Segnit
  • Minimum Investment: $106.19



AlgenAir has developed an air purification system that uses algae to clean the air. The company also offers a recurring subscription for its algae refills.

  • Valuation: $7.5 million
  • Platform: Republic
  • Founders: Kelsey Abernathy and Dan Fucich
  • Minimum Investment: $150


Jenni Earle

Jenni Earle is a mantra-based lifestyle brand that produces bandanas and trophies. The company plans to expand into the gift market with jewelry, journals, and socks.

  • Valuation: $7 million
  • Platform: Netcapital
  • Founder: Jenni Hopkins
  • Minimum Investment: $99.45



Prepdeck has designed a modular kitchen organizer to help home cooks keep their spaces clean. The company expects to reach $30 million in annual revenue by 2025.

  • Valuation: $19 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founder: Alexander Eburne
  • Minimum Investment: $250



FIREDISC is a Texas-based company whose flagship product is a portable cooker made for outdoor cooking. The company reports $15.7 million in gross revenue in the last five years.

  • Valuation: $25.5 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Hunter Jaggard and Griff Jaggard
  • Minimum Investment: $248.88


Energy, Power, & Natural Resources

IX Water

IX Water has created machinery that lowers the cost of cleaning wastewater produced by manufacturing, oil and gas, and other industries. The company reports its solution lowers the cost of treating water by 50%.

  • Valuation: $33.2 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Minimum Investment: $250



VoltWALL has developed a storage device for wind and solar energy that can also be used to cover peak demands from traditional energy sources. The company currently has two pilot sites with 71 of its batteries and expects to begin sales in the US soon.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: Raise Green
  • Founders: Aldo Grech and David Gower
  • Minimum Investment: $500


Taylor Consulting

Taylor Consulting has built a framework to pinpoint excess energy in midstream oil and gas operations and match it up with areas of demand. The company currently controls more than 100 miles of infrastructure in Texas.

  • Valuation: $14.6 million
  • Platform: TruCrowd
  • Minimum Investment: $250



EarthGrid has developed tunnel-boring technology with the goal of creating a network of tunnels for high-speed internet, clean water, wastewater, and transportation services. The company has a signed letter of intent with Pipedream Labs and a technical services agreement with Black & Veatch.

  • Valuation: $60 million
  • Platform: Netcapital
  • Founders: Troy Helming and Scott Lane
  • Minimum Investment: $100.74


Joule Case

Joule Case has developed a solar-chargeable, stackable battery for a wide range of use. The company currently has a $100 million letter of intent with festival host Insomniac Events.

  • Valuation: $35 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: James Wagoner and Alex Livingston
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Farming & Agriculture

3 Sisters Garlic

3 Sisters Garlic grows and sells garlic and garlic-based products. The company hopes to expand its product line for both e-commerce and in-person sales.

  • Interest Rate: 9.00%
  • Platform: SMBX
  • Founders: Jennifer Di Pasquale
  • Minimum Investment: $10


Financial & Insurance Products & Services


Athlete+ is a banking service for athletes. The company prioritizes financial literacy and automation to help athletes build credit, save money, and plan for their finances after sports.

  • Valuation: $12 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Brian Dzingai and Michael Fingado
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Fitness & Wellness


WeShape is a fitness app that helps users develop a personalized workout that fits their unique needs. The company claims it is on track to make $1.1 million in sales in its first year.

  • Valuation: $11 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Tyler Bramlett and Katie Bramlett
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Fit App by Macrofit

Fit App by Macrofit is a fitness app that pairs with Macrofit’s multipurpose fitness hardware to provide users with accessible home fitness. The app focuses on subscriptions for influencer-based fitness programs.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Michael DeVerna, Adam Frater, and Tyler Do
  • Minimum Investment: $249.63



ZenVR is a meditation app that operates in virtual reality. The company is currently deploying pilot projects with Soundcloud and Red Mountain Sedona Treatment Center.

  • Valuation: $4.5 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Matt Golino
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Food, Beverage, & Restaurants

NITRO Beverage

NITRO Beverage produces nitrogen-infused coffee and is preparing to sell nitrogen-infused kombucha. Its products are available at more than 1,500 stores including Whole Foods and 7-11.

  • Valuation: $11.4 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Mike D’Amico, Kareem Elhamasy, Paolo D’Amico, and Ali Mohamed
  • Minimum Investment: $249.92


Nightfood Holdings

Nightfood Holdings is a snack food company looking to target after-dinner snackers and hotel guests. The company’s products are currently available in several hotel chains such as Marriott and Hyatt hotels.

  • Valuation: $60 million
  • Platform: Dalmore Group
  • Founder: Sean Folkson
  • Minimum Investment: $900


Volcano Kimchi

Volcano Kimchi makes vegan, organic kimchi and other fermented Korean dishes. The company’s goal is to expand to a brick-and-mortar store to sell its products in San Francisco.

  • Interest rate: 8.5%
  • Platform: SMBX
  • Founders: Aruna Lee
  • Minimum Investment: $10


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals


Tactogen is developing a new class of drug for mental health treatment. The company is focused on using low-dose psychedelics to treat anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health conditions.

  • Valuation: $80 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Matthew Baggott and Luke Pustejovsky
  • Minimum Investment: $100


EO2 Concepts

EO2 Concepts has developed medical technology to accelerate the healing process for wounds with oxygen therapy. The company currently has six national and international patents for its product with more patents pending.

  • Valuation: $78.4 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $297.04



Phizzle has developed a platform that communicates with pharmaceutical lab instruments to digitize drug testing data. The software has digitized more than 42,000 samples as of November 1, 2022.

  • Valuation: $78.3 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Ben Davis III
  • Minimum Investment: $200



Stapgen has developed a test to indicate the risk of Type 2 Diabetes up to five years sooner. The company will be submitting its product to the FDA for pre-market approval in the first quarter of 2023.

  • Valuation: $20 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Biplab K. Malo
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Marketing & Advertising


HelloWoofy has developed two programs that allow users to create and post social media content and capture leads for future business. The company reports more than $1 million in revenue since its launch.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Arjun Rai
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Media, Entertainment & Publishing

Voca App

Voca App is a platform for podcasters that allows users to schedule, record, and stream audio and video content. The app hopes to leverage Web3 as well to give creators more ways to monetize their talent.

  • Valuation: $10 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Adam Ragsdale and Kevin Ragsdale
  • Minimum Investment: $100


Blue Jacket Movie

Blue Jacket Movie is a faith-based production that focuses on consequences for one’s actions. The script won Best Screenplay at the Kingdomwood International Film Festival.

  • Valuation: $5.7 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Written and Directed by: Maria O’Bryan and Kevin O’Bryan
  • Minimum Investment: $100



Sparket is an online, business-to-business gaming platform that enables betting on sports, reality television, game shows, and more. It is currently in the midst of a year-long contract with Cahuilla Casino after a successful trial event.

  • Valuation: $13.2 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Founders: Aaron Basch and Evan Fisher
  • Minimum Investment: $250


Real Estate & Construction

Azure Printed Homes

Azure Printed homes is using large-scale 3D printers to construct prefabricated buildings from recycled materials. The company reports it has $19 million in presales ready to be printed.

  • Valuation: $26 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Ross Maguire and Yuri Eidelman
  • Minimum Investment: $250


Nexus Build

Nexus Build is a Texas-based construction technology company that uses 3D printers to automate home construction. Its goal is to improve efficiency and product quality while reducing costs.

  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Kieran Singh, Daniel Ansorge, and Drew Marks
  • Minimum Investment: $100



Rentberry is a long-term rental platform that allows for a contactless rental experience. The company reports it had 8 million users and 24 million properties on its platform in 2021.

  • Valuation: $85.1 million
  • Platform: StartEngine
  • Minimum Investment: $500.20


Travel and Hospitality


CIRQ+ has created a platform that integrates into existing buildings and helps to optimize energy usage and has recently expanded into artificial intelligence-enabled devices as well. The company recently secured a $29 million letter of intent with Arrowhead Electronics.

  • Valuation: $28.6 million
  • Platform: Wefunder
  • Founders: Yani Deros and Jodi Deros
  • Minimum Investment: $250