Monthly New Deals August, 2022

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New Deals for August, 2022

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Boxabl Mass Production Building System StartEngine $3,586,849
2 Metaintro The professional resume wallet for web3 Republic $3,444,257
3 GROUNDFLOOR A wealthtech platform that lets everyone build wealth through real estate lending. Wefunder $703,009
4 Cusa Tea and Coffee The world’s first botanically extracted instant coffee and tea Wefunder $547,860
5 Uncle’s Ice Cream Hawaii’s Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich StartEngine $525,430
6 CUBO Beverages Chef Developed Smoothies and Juices at the Push of a Button | Self-Cleaning! Wefunder $451,750
7 LIVSN Designs Versatile outdoor apparel: own less, live more, keep what matters Wefunder $424,160
8 North Carolina Beach Rental Portfolio Own a piece of North Carolina beach houses through a curated portfolio Republic $397,117
9 ArkHAUS The lifestyle club on water, launching in Miami and cities worldwide Wefunder $320,563
10 Farm to Flame Energy Renewable on-site electricity at half the cost of diesel Wefunder $301,111
11 Koning A better way of breast imaging StartEngine $297,502
12 Fisher Wallace Laboratories Medical Devices for Mood and Sleep StartEngine $287,553
13 Mightly Authentically sustainable, affordable, and accessible children’s wear brand Wefunder $269,450
15 Relay On Demand A new and better way to book truck drivers on demand Wefunder $222,414
16 Bula Technologies The first platform to dare or challenge friends to anything, anytime, anywhere! Wefunder $206,450
17 Queer Spaces Building the Queer Discord Wefunder $203,025
18 Maybe Modern financial planning & wealth management Republic $179,855
19 QuadVantage Technology Transforming ACL Reconstruction Surgery Dealmaker Securities $174,000
20 Labdoor Labdoor tests and reviews the purity and accuracy of 1,000+ supplements and CBD Wefunder $173,810
21 VonMercier Bringing imagined vehicles to life—starting with the electric (EV) hovercraft Republic $168,420
22 ABBY by GOGOTECH Safe, Advanced, Affordable, Personal Mobility Wefunder $159,000
23 Avadi Engines Re-Imagining Power StartEngine $158,540
24 ParentPlaybook Unique collection of curated content for parents Netcapital $155,411
25 Nepal Tea Collective Teas from Nepal that transform the 150-year-old tea industry. Wefunder $153,756
26 California Cowboy Head for the Thrills StartEngine $147,078
27 Uprising Food A “Health-First”, Artisan Bakery At Digital Scale. StartEngine $145,837
28 Modica Modica is the world's first Superfood Cocktail and Mocktail Mix! Wefunder $141,450
29 GRRRL Together, we will change how the world sees women, and how women see ourselves Republic $132,375
30 BeerMKR Craft Beer. Made Easy. StartEngine $126,546
31 Asaak Next generation asset-backed loans for Africa. Republic $122,307
32 Cask & Kettle Hard Coffee & Cider Cocktails StartEngine $118,575
33 AI Coaching for everyone, anywhere, anytime StartEngine $115,553
34 VK Brewing Co. & Eatery Brewery MainVest $110,100
35 LiveWire Top-Rated Ready-to-Drink Cocktail in the World Wefunder $108,550
36 PDX Biotech Rapid Test For Periodontal Disease StartEngine $105,499
37 Garage ADUs Efficiently converting garages into affordable work force housing Small Change $104,500
38 ElectroSpit Mobile talkbox instrument for musicians of any skill level Invest Republic $103,911
39 20/20 GeneSystems Diagnostic Testing for COVID-19 & Cancer StartEngine $100,229
40 fouRy Simply The World's Best Spray Technology StartEngine $99,888
41 SecureX Security Through Visibility StartEngine $76,760
42 Fenwick’s Distilling Distillery MainVest $76,400
43 Biodel AG Proprietary Solutions to Restore Soil Health, Save Water & Sequester CO2 Wefunder $76,400
44 Unified The social network organizing and activism Wefunder $72,300
45 BlackFULLness Being Black is stressful, but inner peace is real. Our app has your back. Wefunder $71,867
46 Hydro Wind Energy Game-changing innovations in offshore wind power and seawater desalination StartEngine $70,109
47 7 Generation Games Making it possible for any organization to make its own educational video games Wefunder $68,413
48 Autocase Economic analysis software for sustainable buildings and infrastructure StartEngine $67,669
49 Active Safety System Technologies Amazing safety systems to protect US soldiers/citizens from IEDs/eVTOL crashes Wefunder $63,933
50 World Illustrated Innovative, disruptive platform combining social media, publishing, e-commerce Wefunder $62,440
51 PanelTek ADU Housing Meets Tech Wefunder $62,401
52 Investii Actionable money app building wealth, savings habits & alternative credit Wefunder $61,450
53 Brite Trace Improving quality of life for individuals with dementia. Wefunder $60,000
54 Nickelytics Integrating the out-of-home + digital advertising experience Republic $58,729
55 ScriptCo Your Medications At Our Cost- Zero Markup StartEngine $58,058
56 RedThread Custom-fit clothing made to your measurements in one week, from just 2 photos Republic $57,105
57 Spirity Cocktails Non-alcoholic cocktails traditionally crafted with Spirits Distilled From Tea providing an adult-like sipping experience SeedInvest $56,500
58 Hook & Irons Golf and Social Lounge Bar and Lounge MainVest $56,400
59 metaMedia (previously Metaiye Knights) Changing Storytelling Through Blockchain StartEngine $54,317
60 HUBHOUZE An ecommerce/SaaS with collections of bathrooms designed by style and budget Wefunder $53,700
61 Streaming Ultra We've developed a new revenue sharing streaming platform for video content Wefunder $51,870
62 Brady’s Bakery Bakery MainVest $51,400
63 Yukon Pizza Pizza Place MainVest $50,000
64 Formulation Compounding Center Pharmacy Honeycomb $46,808
65 Forbes Meat Butcher MainVest $46,000
66 Venture on 12th Place 6 buildings. 30 units. Getting a makeover Small Change $41,000
67 PopCom (previously Solutions Vending International) Proprietary kiosk and software platform. StartEngine $37,770
68 Sound Legends Built for Independent Artist Worldwide StartEngine $32,884
69 Courial A people-first approach to building a last-mile courier technology company Republic $32,533
70 Comrad Socks Reinvented: Premium compression socks designed for comfort and performance Republic $32,011
71 Veron Bakery MainVest $29,500
72 Sollievo Pharmaceuticals When Minutes Matter StartEngine $27,932
73 Prime Diversity A full service Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion solutions provider Netcapital $25,900
74 Gryph & IvyRose Whole family wellness solutions, made sustainable, effective and clean Republic $25,328
75 MetaMorph Jewelry Studio MetaMorph Jewelry Studio is a jewelry manufacturing business. Honeycomb $25,000
76 Brothers Cole Cannabis Business MainVest $24,700
77 LEXI IoT Platform-as-a-Service Republic $24,650
78 BNNano BNNano leverages cutting edge materials science innovation to transform, revitalize, revolutionize, and add value to industrial commodities. Netcapital $24,065
79 Espre Technologies NvisLink-Reimagined Wireless Security for the Age of Everything StartEngine $22,838
80 UVISION Film, Video and NFT Platform Netcapital $21,080
81 Milo Health Better, simpler prescription care StartEngine $20,182
82 Early Bird Vegan Limited-Services Restaurant SMBX $20,150
83 Gumbo to Geaux Restaurants Honeycomb $17,000
84 Chilling A new home for horror: where users & creators interact to create quality content Republic $15,860
85 ThermaSat Reliable, safe, and effective space propulsion Netcapital $15,160
86 Revolving Kitchen Tech-enabled, on-demand ghost kitchens and virtual food hall Republic $15,150
87 Stonehedge Holistic Wellness MainVest $15,100
88 Catalillies Play Cafe Indoor Play Area MainVest $14,200
89 Real Brain Technology Affordable Lead Generation Castle Placement $13,550
90 Inlightened The curated marketplace for top-tier healthcare expertise Republic $12,710
91 Taproom 120 Brewery Honeycomb $12,450
92 Introspective Power Proactive Cybersecurity: Building the Future of Data Protection StartEngine $11,886
93 Regard Libations Bartending Honeycomb $11,600
94 FlexPay Save now, buy later payment solution operating in 300+ store locations across Kenya Microventures $11,561
95 Rize + Rest Cafe Restaurant Seed At The Table $11,500
96 Fishies Pet treats Honeycomb $10,750
97 DiaspoCare Technology platform for financial transaction PicMii $10,000
98 Shepherd Park Children’s Academy Child Day Care Services SMBX $9,640
99 UcarMobile Mobile Automotive Industry Customer Service SaaS Silicon Prairie Online $9,000
100 Rancho Relaxo Department Store MainVest $7,100
101 Wunderkeks The snack + cookie brand on a mission to create a more joyful, inclusive world Republic $6,960
102 Feel Better - Pay Less StartEngine $6,572
103 Honor Your Flow For You. For Your Period. Seed At The Table $6,550
104 Chewbox Reimagining food delivery Seed At The Table $6,000
105 Arka Next-gen packaging for e-commerce | Integrated, traceable, and sustainable Republic $5,698
106 NetWire Internet-based payments Netcapital $5,579
107 TraxMethod Professional Development Services SMBX $5,380
108 Steve & Bennys Chicken Shack Restaurants Honeycomb $4,850
109 Green Island EV Corp. An early-stage company founded to manufacture commercial, microtransit electric vehicles Raise Green $4,400
110 Mr. Momo Food Trucks SMBX $3,870
111 Design to Build Modular Housing Built from Shipping Containers WunderFund $2,825
112 Chakra Bowls Restaurants Honeycomb $2,350
113 New 3D Technologies Patented 3D display monitors and TVs Netcapital $1,846
114 Blockchain Laboratories Web3 venture studio Netcapital $1,700
115 BidaFi Renovate the home improvement market through automation, transparency, and confidentiality Netcapital $1,250
116 The Marketplace World-Class Design Destination Silicon Prairie Online $1,000
117 Watch Party The Watch Party app makes it easy for friends to connect and share their passion for TV. Netcapital $900
118 I Am Not Satoshi by White Paper Films A Chris Cannucciari documentary film about the mysterious creator of Bitcoin Republic $900
119 Scripx Pharmacy & Health Evolving the access and affordability of medications via tech and automation Republic $780
120 Track Time Hobbies Retail Shop Honeycomb $550
121 Tell Me Something Sweet Bakery Honeycomb $250
122 FanShark FanShark takes Celebrity Connection to the Next Level. Netcapital $100
123 Paladin Power Never Experience A Power Outage Again Equifund CFP $0
124 Wonder Wax Glam Studio Beauty & Cosmetics Mr. Crowd $0
125 Pureboost Bestselling clean energy drink mix Wefunder $0
126 Floorly Helping local brands become global businesses Wefunder $0
127 Heroic Public Benefit Corporation Let's change the world. One person at a time. Together. Starting with us. Today. Wefunder $0
128 Above & Beyond Studios Freedom is a revolutionary new suite of products Netcapital $0
129 Aerobloom Smart farming technology Equifund CFP $0
130 GameSafe Empowering Parents to Protect Their Children While Gaming Wefunder $0
131 Tampon Tribe Organic, 100% cotton tampon, pad, and pantyliner subscription service. Wefunder $0
132 Lattis Next-Gen Software Platform for Micromobility StartEngine $0
133 Wefunder Angel investing for everyone Honeycomb $0
134 EPR-Technologies A Cool Way To Save Lives StartEngine $0
135 Rize Modular An end-to-end, offsite building solution StartEngine $0
136 Ouragins tech scrubs that turn customers into shareholders Rialto Markets $0