Monthly New Deals March, 2024

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New Deals for March, 2024

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Pytheas Energy FORWARD THINKING INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS Equifund $3,570,000
2 Levels Health Your health, measured in real time Wefunder $1,403,834
3 Smart Cups For a Better Planet, Just Add Water StartEngine $937,540
4 The Firing Squad From Darkness to Redemption: Witness the Power of Faith in the Face of Death. Wefunder $877,322
5 Flower Turbines Innovative small wind turbines StartEngine $809,007
6 Aura Health (previously Aura) Your All-In-One App for Mental Wellness & Sleep Dealmaker Securities $725,244
7 Graze Redefine the Future of Landscape Maintenance Dealmaker Securities $625,351
8 Immigrant Food The future of restaurants where profit meets purpose StartEngine $535,266
9 Incredible Tiny Homes Choose Tiny, Live Free StartEngine $433,531
10 Overplay Make any video into a game Wefunder $409,853
11 Alto Rideshare. Refined. StartEngine $404,337
12 Paladin Power Paladin Power is the next generation energy storage system (ESS) Wefunder $385,939
13 Novella AI The Future of Video Editing Wefunder $353,659
14 Gameflip The Marketplace for Gamers StartEngine $301,150
15 Sweater Democratizing Venture Capital for All StartEngine $298,682
16 Scream Truck The World's First On-Demand, Experiential Food Trucks Wefunder $293,442
17 Offline A monthly subscription reimagining restaurant discovery Wefunder $290,427
18 PSYONIC Redefining Human StartEngine $253,296
19 Hydro Wind Energy Game-changing innovations offshore wind power and seawater desalination Republic $251,277
20 Cadence OTC Birth control without barriers Wefunder $234,550
21 Ludex AI powered app transforming the $44 billion sports and trading cards industry Wefunder $226,654
22 Cmax System Foldable Housing Technology StartEngine $205,442
23 Kamoti A shot for everyone StartEngine $203,736
24 Mirrorscape Creating the future of play in augmented reality Republic $191,000
25 KIN Apparel Successful Shark Tank Apparel Brand with $8M in Sales Wefunder $171,976
26 Ashley Black Experience Innovative Health & Beauty E-Commerce Wefunder $165,350
27 Turant Instant transactions using highly accurate voice identification & verification Wefunder $145,100
28 Biochar Life Biochar carbon removal with smallholder farmers Wefunder $140,939
29 LullaFeed For when your baby needs you the most Wefunder $133,390
30 KingsCrowd Bloomberg For Alt Investing Wefunder $132,054
31 Terrashroom Revolutionizing Home Mushroom Cultivation With the Terrashroom Smart Grow Chamber Wefunder $129,585
32 Peak Cocktails Revolutionizing the Alcohol-Free Market for Active People Wefunder $103,500
33 GG Collective Blockchain gaming ecosystem Seedstarter $101,569
34 Zoop Concierge Crowdfunding + E-Commerce Platform Republic $101,051
35 Handprint The SaaS Marketplace That Enables Companies to Increase Their Profits by Restoring The Planet Wefunder $100,802
36 Wind Harvest Genius Solutions to Turbulent Winds Netcapital $96,615
37 AvaWatz Trusted AI Robotics StartEngine $92,156
38 Epilog The Future of Driving is Here StartEngine $89,914
39 VitaBowl Nutritionist Designed, Chef Refined Superfood Meals StartEngine $80,261
40 Stowe Street Cafe Coffee Shop Honeycomb $75,000
41 Stellaris Energize Your Building with ClearPower Solar Windows StartEngine $74,824
42 LPPFusion Good Bye Fossil Fuels - Hello Fusion Energy! Wefunder $72,737
43 Nuudii System Patented, Grab-and-Go Boobwear that addresses fit, function, and fashion Wefunder $70,775
44 Reental Tokenizing the $300tn real estate market, one property at a time. Republic $66,550
45 REGEN Industrial Hemp USA Bringing the Hemp World to Life Wefunder $63,000
46 Madly Hadley Premium and Organic Plant-Based Snacks and Toppings Wefunder $62,001
47 ZNest Zillow for Senior Housing Wefunder $55,355
48 Deverra Therapeutics Seeking Remission For All StartEngine $52,924
49 e’Lektrik A modular energy storage system comprises hot-swappable and interchangeable battery modules Wefunder $50,400
50 United States Property On a mission to democratize real estate investing for everyone Republic $46,420
51 Members Mobile The new Mobile & Financial Experience for Credit Union Members Netcapital $43,850
52 Gravity Power Scalable clean energy solution PicMii $42,909
53 Well Water Finders THE FUTURE OF WATER AVAILABILITY Netcapital $40,793
54 Black Hammer Brewing More Than Just The Beer StartEngine $38,414
55 Bureau Of Integrated Facility Services Janitorial Services SMBX $35,810
56 Black Kahawa Coffee Coffee Business Honeycomb $35,760
57 Halo Energy Unlocking the Global Small Wind Turbine Market StartEngine $35,458
58 PuraVida This AI-powered Credit Card helps you live large Wefunder $34,950
59 Studio Pod Automated professional photography studio for headshots Republic $34,376
60 Reveal AI Building the Future of Customer Research with AI-Powered Interviews Wefunder $31,000
61 Brown Bear Bread Cafe Bakery Honeycomb $30,000
62 GOT BAG North America Beyond Bags, Backpacks, and Accessories - Empowering Fashion through Eco-Revolution Wefunder $29,250
63 Aviva Brick Oven Restaurant Honeycomb $28,193
64 Pho’nomenal Bowls Spreading the Pho’nomenon Around the World StartEngine $28,180
65 MetroNOME Brewery Brewery MainVest $26,900
66 Nate’s Deli Deli Honeycomb $26,142
67 The Realm Refillery Zero waste business Honeycomb $24,000
68 IMBY Multi-functional platform Honeycomb $22,190
69 Plum and Mule Community Market Fresh Produce & Local Products Honeycomb $20,840
70 Roseland Center Building Black wealth through community-owned shopping centers. Small Change $20,500
71 LoLo’s Boss Pizza Restaurants And Bars SMBX $20,050
72 Musaffa Halal Stock and ETF Screener app Dealmaker Securities $20,000
73 High Flyers Cannabis Business MainVest $20,000
74 Foghorn Restaurants And Bars SMBX $18,270
75 Boyd Cru Wines Sip Outside The Lines With Us Crowd Fund Baltimore $18,250
76 Sugar Wood NYC's naughtiest dessert brand goes national Republic $17,900
77 Ella Es Health Reducing disease progression & mortality, and improving quality of life for women of color Wefunder $17,200
78 Bold Escape Rooms Escape Rooms Honeycomb $16,910
79 Pie Wine Get To Know Pizza's New Best Friend StartEngine $16,485
80 Retrieve Medical AI-Powered Healthcare Transformation Dealmaker Securities $15,201
81 Rootless Where self care meets planetary care Dealmaker Securities $14,000
82 Zero Gravity Solutions Unlocking Nutrition for the World Netcapital $13,850
83 Absinthia’s Bottled Spirits The World's Best Tasting Absinthes & Craft Mixers Netcapital $12,799
84 Succession Fermentory Brewery Honeycomb $12,100
85 Bar Palmina Non-Alcoholic Bar Honeycomb $10,950
86 EV Solar Kits Ride the Sun, Drive with Freedom StartEngine $8,173
88 Battle and Brew Gaming Venue Honeycomb $6,900
89 Emet Surgical Pursuing One and Done Cancer Surgeries by Enabling True Surgeon - Pathologist Collaboration to Reduce the Reoperation Rate StartEngine $6,473
90 Sigma Snacks Consumer Packaged Goods Honeycomb $5,600
91 Wagyu House by The X Pot Restaurants And Bars SMBX $5,440
92 CENA Restaurant SMBX $5,170
93 Bubble Bar Boston Cocktail Bar MainVest $4,800
94 CarBlip The Auto Concierge StartEngine $4,771
95 LoveHER Retreats Health and Wellness Honeycomb $4,450
96 Giggle Water Bar MainVest $4,300
97 Zing Drone Solutions Building the next generation of drone operations Wefunder $4,000
98 PlusMusic Making Music Interactive with AI StartEngine $3,778
99 319 Marion Oaks Trail Own your piece of the American Dream Issuance Express $3,650
100 Jet Shark Bringing an exhilarating submersible vessel to the mass market Republic $3,200
101 Pizza Brain Restaurant Honeycomb $3,100
102 Angie's Vietnamese Cuisine Mobile popup and private catering business Honeycomb $3,050
103 Grit Athletics Health and Wellness Honeycomb $2,750
104 The Place Above the Notch Coffee Shop MainVest $2,700
105 Noble Pies Bakery MainVest $2,700
106 Crest Sacramento Live entertainment venue Honeycomb $2,450
107 Colive Fruit Oil Refining & Blending SMBX $2,450
108 Lookhu Disrupting Film, TV, and PPV distribution with the creator economy and AI Republic $2,350
109 The Brixton Restaurants And Bars SMBX $2,280
110 Mela Artisans Handcrafted home decor that celebrates heritage and drives social impact Dealmaker Securities $2,000
111 Apex Noire Cannabis (previously Apex Noire) Cannabis Business MainVest $1,900
112 Anesu Restorative Care Offices Of All Other Miscellaneous Health Practitioners SMBX $1,530
113 Ad Astra Private On Demand Jet Charter Texture Capital $1,200
114 Karis Family Daycare Daycare MainVest $1,000
115 KeenaBela Retail Honeycomb $950
116 Sunny Days Of Ithaca Gift Shop MainVest $800
117 Lucky 7 Mining Gold Mining Netcapital $750
118 PYNRS Performance Running Apparel Brand Seed At The Table $750
119 The High End Cannabis Business MainVest $600
120 Sweet Cake Bake Shop Bakery Honeycomb $200
121 Mike D’s BBQ BBQ MainVest $200
122 County Fair Potatoes Food Processing Company (Farm To Fork) Invown $100
123 StockText A personal stock alert assistant for public and private securities. Netcapital $10
124 Craft Capital Investments Multifamily Investments In DFW Metroplex Invown $0
125 Hard Training Club Combat Fitness Honeycomb $0
126 Balance Gym Gym MainVest $0
127 Fantize Unlock The Potential of Fan-Based Marketing Netcapital $0
128 TD Smart Unlocking Real Estate for Everyone Title3Funds $0
129 Techless Healthy phones to end smartphone addiction Wefunder $0
130 Azure Printed Homes Welcome to the Next Dimension of Living Wefunder $0
131 AllSides AllSides provides balanced news, bias ratings, diverse perspectives, and real conversation Wefunder $0
132 Top Bins Soccer facility near Nashville. For both recreation and state-of-the-art training. Wefunder $0
133 AppMail The Smart and Simple Email Marketing Platform Powered by AI Wefunder $0
134 Downland The accelerator for regenerative farmers & ranchers Wefunder $0
135 Atakama Atakama transforms the web browser into a secure workspace, protecting against Phishing and Malware Wefunder $0
136 Oconee National Disc Golf Complex Golf and Pickleball Complex Vicinity $0
137 Coexist Healthy and Bio-based Homes and Cabins Wefunder $0
April: $22,472,557
March: $41,851,568
February: $23,355,611
April: 68
March: 142
February: 113
Most raised this week - Apr 23, 2024